Superior Transmission Parts, Inc.

For two decades Superior Transmission Parts has been building a reputation for quality and innovation. 

From our popular line of Shift Correction Packages to our expanding selection of Problem Solvers, Electronic Problem Solvers, and High Performance Products, each Superior product is produced under strict quality control guidelines and made of only the finest available materials. Be sure to subscribe to our latest information and newest products update!

A Commitment To Constant Innovation

Year after year Superior continues to release a steady stream of effective automatic transmission parts addressing a wide range of transmission problems. Our research and development program is among the most aggressive in the industry and the success of our products pays tribute to the creativity and expertise of our engineers, craftsmen and technicians.

Make the Shift to Superior
               The Superior Alternative

Every day more and more rebuilders from coast to coast are discovering the amazing difference that using Superior Transmission Parts Shift Correction Packages, Problems Solvers and Performance Products can make. Why don't you be the next to MAKE THE SHIFT TO SUPERIOR!


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